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To all my foreign friends

To all my foreign friends

This is Yoshiki from Tokyo Japan.

Today I'd like to express that I strongly appreciate and never forget all the great supports and donations given from all over the world to the 2011 big earthquake.

It was 5 years ago,14:45pm(JST) on March 11th/2011, the historically massive earthquake(M9.0) have hit northern part of Japan and it also caused nuclear power plant accident.
It was 4th largest earthquake after 1900 in the world.
It have dameged our land and people's lives widely,deeply and seriously.

Again, I show you my biggest appreciation and never forget those supports from all over the world includng from USA, Taiwan, EU and all other countries.
I believe most of Japansese poeple feel the same way.

There were many people who have been dameged their life, had to evacuate, had to decide to change many things.
There are many people who have already recovered or restarted their life, but also some people are not.
People, companies and Gov have been moving ahead this 5years and we'll keep everythig moving forward.


I understand every country have each problems. It would be economical, political, diplomatical, religious or historical.
I especially concern about the military conflict about those spratly islands in southease asia,
and thousands of refugee coming from MiddleEast to EU.
I know there're not easy way to make everybody fully satisfied,
but hope things gonna better in your society in your life.

best regards
Yoshi from Tokyo, with my pray in silence